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Share the NSLS!

Do you love the NSLS and know someone at another school who would benefit from starting a chapter?

We want to know more about them!

NSLS members hosting a table with information and swag.


The NSLS is on a mission to build leaders who make a better world, but we need your help spreading the word and helping us impact as many lives as possible.

Here’s how:

Survey Icon.

Fill out the form on this page with your contact information as well as the person you are referring.

Note Icon.

Make sure to add a personalized note. We will send this note to the person you referred, letting them know that you believe their school would benefit from a chapter on campus.

Handshake Icon.

Once we have met with your referral and have agreed to move forward, we will begin the chapter-building process.

Trophy Icon.

You’ve done it!

Thanks in advance for helping us bring the NSLS to more students! We can’t wait to meet your referral.