What are the benefits of the NSLS?

There are many benefits to joining the NSLS. Students selected by their college who accept their nomination gain access to:

In addition, the NSLS is the only honor society to offer accredited leadership training and certification. As you go through the program, you’ll work with your peers to recognize and achieve goals, while learning critical communication skills that can be applied in all aspects of your life. You can complete this training at your desired pace. 

By accepting your nomination, you’ll be well-positioned to maximize your leadership potential and stand out to future employers. The experience you gain from membership will drive your future and establish you as a leader among your peers.

You’ll benefit from improved self-esteem, peer leadership, sustainable motivation and drive, real-world skills, and an expansive network of goal-oriented movers and shakers who are creating lasting positive change in the world.

To learn more, explore all the benefits of the NSLS.