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Join a Team of Leaders

If you've arrived at this page, you're the success-driven leader we're looking for to fill out our Executive Board.

So, what is the Executive Board? Simply put, it's the leadership team that makes our NSLS chapters run. 

There’s an array of different roles as part of our E-Board, including vice president, secretary, treasurer, SNT coordinator, and many more.

Each position is designed to help you develop the leadership skills you might not be learning in the classroom, and the ones hiring managers seek.

Apply for the Executive Board

Executive Board Member Roles

  • Oversees the chapter’s goals
  • Maintains and manages the Executive Board
  • Works closely with CSMs and Advisors
  • Welcomes and onboards new members
  • Acts as President during absences
  • Oversees committee chairs
  • Records meeting minutes and notes
  • Manages reminder communications
  • Ensures credit delivery
  • Maintains chapter records and logs
  • Manages chapter finances
  • Attends student government meetings
  • Controls overall chapter budgeting
  • Oversees and coordinates chapter SNTs
  • Provides support for SNT groups
  • Trains and manages SNT facilitators
  • Recruits and oversees the Fundraising Committee
  • Develops fundraising activities
  • Enlists local sponsors
  • Works closely with the Treasurer
  • Recruits and oversees the Membership Outreach Committee
  • Manages member check-ins every semester
  • Encourages members to complete the program
  • Helps to enlist new members and raise NSLS awareness
  • Recruits and oversees the Publicity Committee
  • Develops and manages event campaigns
  • Collaborates with publicity channels on campus
  • Organizes outreach initiatives with other student groups
  • Creates and maintains institutions’ .edu email addresses
  • Maintains chapter website and social pages
  • Ensures NSLS events run smoothly with IT and AV departments
  • Recruits and oversees the Society Events Committee
  • Reserves rooms and sets up societal events
  • Manages food and refreshment ordering and serving
  • Recruits and oversees the Social Events Committee
  • Plans and implements fun social gatherings
  • Reserves rooms and sets up social events
  • Manages food/refreshment ordering and serving
  • Recruits and oversees the Community Service Committee
  • Plans and implements community service events
  • Establishes partnerships within the community
  • Keeps track of member community service involvement



By becoming an Executive Board member, you'll also receive free membership into the NSLS, opening up a range of benefits that will help carry you through your education and future endeavors.


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