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What is the credit pathway?

As the largest accredited leadership honor society in the nation, the NSLS currently offers three unique credit-bearing courses that complement our certification programs. The coursework for each program is designed to incorporate 35+ instructional hours of work. See our syllabi under the Our Education Work tab for more information.

Combining online coursework, immersive learning, and peer-instruction collaboration, our courses prepare members to demonstrate their leadership skills and range of learning leadership in new ways. Members who complete the credit pathway gain essential knowledge and skills that benefit their lifetime career development. 

Once completed, our courses provide additional credentials to include in a leadership portfolio, credits or transcripts to use for professional learning or academic applications, support for scholarship essays, and digital badges to showcase on social networks.

Our Education Team is composed of licensed experts in leadership, education, and accreditation with over 25 years of experience. They’re poised and ready to provide personalized support through the education process.